All about the poop…

Having a dog is great fun and brings so much pleasure, enjoyment and love into our lives. Dogs are companions and family members who love us even when we have had a bad day and feel grumpy. Their existence in our lives so easily brings a smile on our faces!

So, as  dog owners we get plenty of joy, but there are also responsibilities to this companionship. We need to love and care for our dogs and provide for their basic needs of food, water and shelter. We also need to help them to be able to live in our human world and this is easier when we train them. We are also responsible for our dogs actions in the world, so the more help we provide them with training, the better they cope.

pick upOf the responsibilities we as dog owners have, there is one that if not taken care of, will get the dogless peoples “hackles” up. And this is picking up the poop! After our dogs have done their business, it is our duty to pick it up. Every dog owner should carry poop bags whenever out and about with their dog. Picking up the poop is not a glamorous job, but needs to be done.

Due to irresponsible dog owners a lot of places have implemented fines, so if you get caught not cleaning up after your dog, you can be faced with a fine up to €3000. Other places are doing their best to help dog owners out and provide poop bags and plenty of bins in  areas that are popular exercising areas.  And still there are owners who seem incapable of picking up the poop!

no dogsIf we dog owners still continue to fail in picking up the poop, communities might conclude that the above mentioned measures are not working, and the next step could easily be that dogs will be “banned” from certain areas. So PLEASE be a responsible owner and PICK UP THE POOP!

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