Giving up your dog?

funny faceA dog is a lifelong commitment and whether you adopt a dog from a rescue or get a puppy from a breeder, this step should not be taken lightly. You are committing yourself to a living and loving soul, who is relying on you to take care of him. So think hard about your life, circumstances and how these circumstances might change. Will these changes in your life make you give up your dog. If yes, please do not adopt a dog or get a puppy. This might sound harsh, but if you offer a home to a dog, there should be nothing that makes you give him up! If it was your child, would you give him up because you adopt a puppy or move house or get divorced?

I do volunteer work for a few animal charities, and a part of this work is doing checks to homes of potential new owners of a rescue dog. Some charities have a good few questions for the new owners before adoption is considered. Of all the different questions on all the different charities forms, the most interesting I find to be the following: “Under what circumstances do you feel you would have to give up your dog?” Now honestly think about it. How would you answer this? Did this question even enter your mind before you got your dog?

I personally feel that once you have taken a dog in, you will care for it no matter what. If issues emerge that you do not know how to deal with, you get help. If there are things your dogs does and you are not sure how to handle them, you get help. If it was your child, would you not get help? I am not saying that a child and dog are the same, but is the commitment not the same?

interview with dog


You get a dog and you do your everything to give him a happy and content life. And once senior-doghe gets older you still love, support and help him. Giving your dog up because he is old… What does it say about you? And just think about it,  what kind of example do you set up for your children?

When you get a dog, the dog might not be your everything, but YOU ARE HIS EVERYTHING! Please remember that and love, cherish and respect the time you have together with your dog.





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